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Evergreens for the Winter Solstice and Christmas

I love walking through the woods on a clear crisp day; there’s something comforting about the bare branches soaring above my head, and the way the colours and textures of the bark are so much more noticeable. Even in winter the woods are full of life and the evergreens, with their vivid green foliage and…

Trick or treat and the Birch tree

As we move through October, it’s difficult not to notice the ‘Trick or Treat’ costumes filling the shelves.  It’s a popular festival that at first sight appears to be a recent arrival however, if we scrape away at the gifts with their spooky undertones we find much older beliefs. Halloween, the Christian festival of All…

Celebrating the seasons – Autumn

As Autumn arrives we can all sense the changes to the season. The green leaves turning into a mosaic of yellow, orange and red, giving us a final flourish of colour before Winter arrives. Traditionally people have linked trees to personal characteristics and linked the seasonal changes to the cycle of birth, death and rebirth….