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The impact of deer on Fingle Woods

In the midst of all this grey and dreary weather I thought I would write a reflective blog, taking you back to a moment of spring chill in sunnier weather.

A year of Dormouse surveying

At Fingle we are lucky enough to have a wood filled with all kinds of different wildlife from Roe Deer to Salmon and Dippers. Yet there is one species in particular that lives here – the Hazel Dormouse. I have volunteered with the Fingle team for the past two years. During this time, I have…

Walking with Purpose

We are sitting on a track in the sun in a part of Fingle Woods I have never explored before. All morning we have been working in the shade of the trees and my ankles (bad choice of clothing yet again) are scratched from pushing through bracken and brambles. Our task, one that we and…