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Eager Beavers at Fingle Woods

As the “rewilding” debate expands its wings outside the confines of the conservation world and enters the mainstream media, Fingle Woods finds itself looking at where it can play a part. In the light of recent reports, we can see that both numbers and diversity of wild species are dropping at an alarming rate, many…

Making Space for Dartmoor’s Nature

When the Woodland Trust and National Trust pooled their resources in 2014 to take on 330 hectares of woodland in the Teign Valley to the east of Dartmoor, the guiding principle of how to tackle the landscape scale restoration of a Plantation on an Ancient Woodland Site (PAWS) had already been established in a White…

More, bigger, better, joined up – John Lawton comes to Exeter

Professor Sir John Lawton is a cult hero in conservation circles on account of his report ‘Making Space for Nature’ which is often simply referred to as the Lawton Report. In essence the report states that we need more wildlife sites, existing sites need to be bigger, they need to be better managed and we…