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June’s Fingle Lecture: Water Quality Monitoring

June’s Fingle Lecture will take place tomorrow, Thursday the 7th of June, at 7pm in the Fingle Bridge Inn. We will be joined by James Gilbert from the Westcountry Rivers Trust (WRT). Since March 2017, WRT has been working in partnership with the Woodland Trust, National Trust and Environment Agency to monitor water quality in the River Teign and five of its tributaries within Fingle. The monitoring is designed to complement the restoration being undertaken to replace the conifer woodland with native broadleaf species, with the aim of promoting greater biodiversity. Little is known about the current effects of woodland management of this type on water quality and the data from this project will be of interest to anglers, foresters and regulatory bodies alike. James’ presentation will outline approximately a years’ worth of the most recent data collected in order to assess i) baseline water quality in the Teign and its tributaries before works begin and ii) the performance of the pH and turbidity sensors. The Fingle team have found the initial findings both surprising and fascinating so it looks set to be a really interesting talk.

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