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Fingle Woods

Fingle Lecture Series 2018: February and March

Join us for another season of walks and talks.

Throughout 2018 we’re offering another series of lectures about Fingle’s fascinating wildlife, history and restoration. Below is a little taster of the first two talks, so you can pop the dates in your diary. The first talk of the year is on Thursday the 1st of February at the Fingle Bridge Inn, we hope to see you there!


The Life and Times of a Devonshire Valley: Archaeological Surveys and Excavations in Fingle Woods

Thursday 1st February, 7pm, Fingle Bridge Inn

From the construction of prehistoric hut circles and Iron-Age hill forts to medieval and post medieval industries, people have lived and worked in Fingle Woods. Much of this history has since been forgotten but fortunately some clues remain. Steven Guy-Gibbens, Fingle’s Archaeology intern, will talk about three upcoming projects to uncover Fingle Woods’ past. Join us to learn more about the archaeological excavations of Wooston Hillfort and Fingle Mill and the Ground Truth survey of the Woods.


The elephant in the uplands and a tale of two narratives

Thursday 1st March, 7pm, Fingle Bridge Inn

Adrian Colston was the General Manager for the National Trust on Dartmoor and is now a PhD student at Exeter University. He will talk about the effect of atmospheric pollution and grazing on Dartmoor’s commons. In particular Adrian will ask why, in the light of the overwhelming evidence about atmospheric pollution, it is overgrazing and over-burning that are still blamed for the deterioration of our upland habitats.


For more information please email – FingleWoods@woodlandtrust.org.uk

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