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A sabre wasp in Fingle Woods

Fingle – the curiously unusual.

So often when I work around Fingle it’s easy for the eye to be drawn to a view, a cluster of trees caught in the sunlight, or the sound of the bird song drifting across the hush of conifer. Sometimes it’s all too easy to overlook the small things, the everyday that your mind may not pick up on amongst the scale of Fingle.

All it takes is a moment, a glimpse of something that is unusual to the eye and it sets a train of thought off that I can’t really explain. The one thing that I do know is that it’s an unusual urge that I have to feed, a bit like a hungry dog. I often can be seen mid conversation or mid work stream disappearing off phone in hand chasing something or crouching down in the undergrowth.

A sabre wasp in Fingle Woods

A Sabre wasp

It can be just an unusual colour of flight. This Sabre wasp decided to let me have an amazing moment with her after an initial futile chase. With all regal air she cleaned her antennae, her forelegs, whilst just gazing at me with dark eyes and a casual nonchalance before disappearing into the woods to tap out her latest victim.

Sometimes it’s the unusual amongst the usual. The one thing that just catches the imagination for a brief moment that sets the curiosity off that can only be sated by closer inspection.

Birch leaf in Fingle Woods

A birch leaf amongst the grass.

Fungi in Fingle Woods

Fungi amongst the undergrowth.

So if you get that itch, that curiosity to chase something, the impulse to leave the well-trodden path to explore a new one to see where it goes, follow it don’t subdue it. Feed your curiosity, chase the unusual.

By Fred Hutt (Fingle Ranger)

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