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A blog about our new blog

Welcome to the new-look Fingle blog

For the last three years the blog has been telling the story of the ‘Bringing Fingle Woods Back To Life’ project. It has proved to be an excellent way of keeping everyone informed about all aspects of our work and has provided us with a place to receive feedback and sound out ideas. However, the project is continually growing and evolving – since being awarded the HLF (Heritage Lottery Fund) grant last May the team has expanded (both in terms of staff and volunteers) and activity on the ground has diversified. It therefore seemed the right time to re-launch the blog to reflect these developments and make it more user friendly.

So,  what’s new?

Articles published on the blog are now divided into three categories: activities, nature, and restoration. As the names suggest, blogs about activities taking place in the woods (such as horse logging and visits from local schools), upcoming events and information about what to look out for this season can all be found in the ‘activities’ section; blogs about our work to record and protect Fingle’s incredible wildlife (everything from surveying dormice and breeding birds to creating open spaces for butterflies) can be found in the ‘nature’ section; and blogs about all aspects of our restoration work, from renovating ancient boundaries and creating meadows to discovering a Bronze Age hut circle and reinstating the hydro-electric plant, can be found in the ‘restoration’ section.

Previously, all of these blogs appeared as a long list in chronological order, so hopefully this will make it a lot easier for you to find blogs on topics that particularly interest you.

There is also a new media section where you can view footage from the camera stationed at Otter Rock and the spectacular drone footage from the Hillfort. Over the last year one of the trustees of the Woodland Trust, Mike Greenwood, and his camera man, Grant Wakefield, have made a number of wonderful films made about the restoration of Fingle.

The first film in the series ‘Letting in the Light’ was made last winter and not only captures the beauty of Fingle and the Teign Valley but explains the importance of the ancient woodland restoration project. We are incredibly grateful for these films as they provide a great educational resource and a brilliant record of how much progress has already been made. We hope you enjoy this first film and look forward to the rest of the series which will be featured throughout the year.

The interactive map lets you explore Fingle from the comfort of your own home. Content will constantly change and evolve so you can learn more about work going on in specific areas or what wildlife to look out for in certain seasons. Finally, we will soon have a downloads section where you will be able to download maps of the woods, walking leaflets, and Fingle-specific nature guides and spotter sheets.

We hope you enjoy this new layout and, as always, we’d love to hear what you think.

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