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Bronze age horses!

The Boys Are Back … in the Bronze Age

Before the main timber extraction starts at Wooston hillfort, heavy horses Beano and his companion William are keeping busy at the recently rediscovered Bronze Age hut circle platform. To allow the archaeologists to have a closer look at the ancient site the conifer stems in and around the hut circle need to be felled and dragged away – with a perfect combination of strength and great care.

As they got to work the two brothers, Alex and Will from Dartmoor Horse Loggers described the equine part of their team as “best mates” that are almost inseparable. Will said “I was planning to bring Beano on his own this morning but William pushed his way into the trailer so they could be together all day”.

Apologies to the horse logging team for the fuzzy quality of the photos. To see them at their handsome best you will be able to visit them while they work at Wooston hillfort towards the end of October and early November.

by Matt Parkins

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