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Sustainable timber production, using local talent

Last week, we enlisted the help of our good friend Jim White (White Wood Management), who brought in his circular sawmill to turn some win-blown oak from a nearby wood into useable timber.

CAM00995We are proud to say that we take every effort to use locally sourced timber for our furnishings around the estate. It is a by-product of our conservation management and is therefore about as environmentally friendly and sustainable as it gets.

CAM01007CAM01000It’s always entertaining to watch Jim working his magic with his machines.

CAM01010CAM01015We cut planks for nest boxes for a pied flycatcher study on several of our Dartmoor properties as well as some steps and posts, among other bits and pieces, for use around the Teign Valley Woods.

CAM01017Oak is usually our timber of choice as it is robust and long-lasting. If at all, we only treat it with linseed oil, not the nasty chemicals which are often used to extend the life of softwood timber. Treated wood can be harmful to wildlife, which is a particularly important consideration when selecting wood for bird boxes. Hopefully, these boxes should last a long time and will be appreciated by the local birdlife!


Words and photos by Dylan Smith, NT Ranger

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