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Preparing for Easter at Fingle

“It’s hard to believe just a few weeks ago this section of track was completely submerged in water”. Dave Rickwood, Woodland Site Manager pointed up to the bank beside the track to mark the point the flood waters had reached in early February and described how he was wading through water at the point we were now standing.  Standing in the sun on Wednesday, talking with the contractor tasked with repairing the track from flood damage, with the river way below us, it was hard to imagine!

Flooded track

Early February at Fingle – the riverside track submerged


Bathed in March sunshine – repairing the riverside track

Dave Rickwood described how although the river was only in spate for a few hours, the fast flowing waters took the surface dressing off the riverside track in places – exposing the rougher sub layer – not a good surface for walking or cycling! So in readiness for the Easter weekend,  Tim Cox and team were out in the digger all this week – working hard to resurface the areas of track worst affected by the flood water.

With the works now finished, let’s hope for some Spring sunshine over the long weekend ahead. Fingle’s wild daffodils are in flower creating a speckled yellow carpet over the woodland floor and on the river look out for dippers bobbing up and down on the rocks. To find Easter rabbits head up to nearby Castle Drogo, for family egg trails over the weekend!


Wild daffodils at Fingle

Words and photos by Kate Smith, Woodland Trust

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