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Another un-named storm… Storm Katie?

A report by David Rickwood, Woodland Trust site manager

The storms and poor weather this winter have been relentless and over the past few weeks the weather seemed to be calming down… at last!!! As a team we are all fairly exhausted by this winter, but it would seem nature had at least one more surprise for us…


08.00 Wed 9th March – the first of several trees over the road today…

Overnight yet another storm hit Fingle Woods, according to the Met Office there have been 10 named storms so far this winter. This latest blow does not seem to have been given a name by the Met Office but the next name on the approved list is “Katie” . Well despite having no name “Katie” has arguably been more damaging than any other storm the woods have faced this winter. The wind direction was highly variable in the strong gusts, which were predominantly from the north, rather than the south west and this is perhaps why the winds have proved so damaging this time.


Another closed road, two trees this time … road leading to Mardon Down from Clifford Bridge



A whole cluster of huge Western Hemlock – felled in a single massive gust



This huge root plate is nearly 20ft tall, and is right next to a track, please take care in the woods over the next few days whilst we begin tidying up and making the site safe again, after the 11th storm this winter.


  • Pip

    10th March 2016 at 7:31 pm

    My friends and I were rambling yesterday- we had originally been planning Haytor and the surrounding high points but decided to go on a lower route – through Yarner Wood and then along the valley to Water and Manaton- trees were crashing down in front of us and we had to make a speedy exit up the hillside. Very exciting if somewhat dangerous!


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