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Fingle Takes a Step into Winter

After the mild weather, persistent rain and storms the temperature has finally dropped at Fingle Woods. During a quick walk this morning to check the cameras at a badger sett, a few signs of life were visible.


A change in the weather

A light fall of snow gave away the movements of some woodland creatures and, as I walked, I noticed a set of fox paw prints. It occurred to me that I might even be following it, and sure enough, I rounded a corner and there it was on the track in front of me. It made for cover and wasn’t seen again but it left a clear set of prints behind.

fox prints

fox prints

On closer inspection a few badger prints and deer tracks were also visible in the snow.

Badgers and foxes use the same route

Badgers and foxes use the same route

Why did the fox cross the road?

Why did the fox cross the road?

Further down the hill I checked where some contractors have been working on a timber extraction track near a dormouse monitoring area. As the dormice are hibernating in the leaves, a queen wasp has taken the opportunity to spend the winter in one of their nest boxes.

Queen wasp - waiting to "break free" from hibernation

Queen wasp – waiting to “break free” from hibernation

by Matt Parkins


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