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Storm lashed Fingle…..

The Christmas and New Year period saw a continuation of Atlantic storms sweeping across the country, strong gale force winds and heavy rain.  Storm “Frank ” had the most impact at Fingle leading to numerous windblown trees and some flooding.


This is Upperton Weir – nearly completely washed out by the strong river flow

The Chagford Road above Clifford Shed was closed for a number of days  after around 10 to 15 trees were blown across the road following storm Frank and these were eventually cleared on Saturday and the road closed signs will be removed today.

A lot of the trees we have seen blown over have had there root plates weakened by the repeated storm sequence in December, coupled with heavy rain the soil structure around the tree roots was continually weakened eventually leading to failure.

I walked the river yesterday through Fingle as the heavy rainfall has caused some localised flooding and I was concerned to see that all the riverside drains were running free and the riverside track was intact. Thankfully despite the flooding the river side track had only been affected in a small number of areas and in truth the impact was fairly superficial.


The River Teign almost overtopping the river bank on this section.

If your walking in the woods please let me know of any fallen trees, blocked drains and take care when the river is very high. Reports to davidrickwood@woodlandtrust.org.uk

Happy New Year




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  • Janey

    4th January 2016 at 8:57 am

    Thanks for a great blog.

    Will you have the horse working on the timber today, or is it just too wet? I should like to come and take some photos if the road to Fingle is passable. If I can’t make it today, I shall try again in Friday. Where will the horse be working if I park at Fingle Bridge?

    Best wishes and happy new year,





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