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NT Fingle chainsaw possie

Over the last couple of weeks, some of the National Trust volunteers have been practicing their tree felling skills for their upcoming chainsaw assessments, while helping out with the thinning in Fingle Woods.

Some are developing skills and qualifications that will help them in their careers and some are doing it just to be actively involved in managing the woods that they love. We have a great team of volunteers and having them chainsaw qualified is going to be really useful for this winter’s thinning. Area Ranger Tom Wood is also our in house trainer. He is their ideal instructor because he is keen to see them succeed and contribute to our work. Two of the guys successfully passed on Friday.

Volunteer John posing for the 2016 Fingle Rangers calender.

Volunteer John posing for the 2016 Fingle Rangers calender.


Some of the local kids have found a good use for our brash piles… We had to test it out really!

We are taking great care to protect the hazel dormouse habitat and the local population are being closely monitored. Increased light levels from our thinning should promote understory growth, improving the habitat for dormice.

Yellow stagshorn Calocera viscosa fungus

Yellow stagshorn Calocera viscosa fungus

– Dylan Smith, National Trust Ranger

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