A partnership between the Woodland Trust and the National Trust

Trustees go for a cycle in Fingle

The trustees of the Woodland Trust came to visit Fingle as part of there annual tour of the Woodland Trust Estate. The purpose of the visit was to look at progress since the acquisition in August 2013 and to gain a finer understanding of the partnership with the National Trust and how in practice this was working on the ground. The trustees met with Adrian Colston of the National Trust, neighbours, supporters, volunteers and contractors. Collectively it has been, a quite brilliant experience over the past 2 years…thanks to every one involved

The trustees overlooking a “tiny” part of Fingle beginning to get a sense of scale –  All Images thanks to Paul Moody



The principal objective of the site management  is the restoration of the ancient woodland and live examples of recently worked areas were  discussed along with future plans for timber harvesting. Over the past winter, harvesting was focussed along the riverside track in order to permit resurfacing and repair and to open this up for public access.

Before Harvesting – Image P. Moody1butterdon ball wood

During Harvesting – Image P Moodya34a

After harvesting and Track works – this is pretty much the same location showing the new track in use, you can just see the same corner tree just left of the dog – Image P. Moody


Discussions also revolved around signage and the image below shows Adrian Colston (NT) explaining a dual branded “partnership” board to be erected on the National Trust land at Fingle Bridge. Image P. Moody


The trustees tried out some prototype seating. Image P. Moody


Ruth Hyde, Director of Brand and Communications  taking a close up of the engraving on the log seat. Image P. Moody


Finally, the tour was finished off with a cycle along the recently completed riverside track……and everyone took part. Image P. Moody


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