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The felling work in Cod Wood begins…

You may have noticed over the Christmas and New Year period the felling work began in Cod Wood and today some machinery moved in to begin processing the trees.

This I regret means that the riverside track in this part of Cod Wood is now closed for the month of January and we hope it will be re-opened in early February. There is a diversion in place so its possible to walk around the closure albeit steeply uphill.

We will do our best to keep everybody notified and to keep the signs up to date but please be aware and do keep a close eye out for any felling and machine activity.

The felling work is generally thinning and were removing a percentage of trees to leave the bigger and better timber trees, at that same time were working around some of the old oaks giving them space to breath as these old veterans will cast the seed that will we hope begin the regeneration of the native woodland.

DSCF0441 DSCF0442 DSCF0443 Images show:

1. Trees felled across the track not only blocking access but showing why its important to close the path for safety reasons.

2. Sorry haven’t worked out how to rotate an image yet but this one shows one of the pre-conifer plantation oaks where we have thinned around the margins to give it more space. This should provide more light and hopefully encourage the oak to seed.

3. The conifer in this case Douglas fir after the thinning, showing the wider spacing which provides more light for ground flora and native tree, a small step towards regeneration.




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