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Winters first storm……..

A couple of weeks ago in late November we had some strong gusts from the east (an unusual direction) and this brought down a number of trees including a few very large trees  and in particular a larch tree (circa 80 years ) on Clifford Hill.  On closer examination the tree although alive and seemingly well did have a cone of brown rot in the base which was obscured by the live growth just below the bark.  We were lucky on that day as we had chainsaw operators and an excavator with a tree grapple on site so we were able to clear the tree quite quickly.

The weather forecast for the next few days and into the weekend is for very strong winds so keep an eye out for unstable trees and do let me know if you see any fallen or suspect trees at Fingle but do avoid going into the wood during high winds.

To report any please concerns email me at davidrickwood@woodlandtrust.org.uk


Tom Wood of the National Trust – assessing the tree and making a plan….


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